Kim Falconero
Chief Executive Officer
Kim is the Chief Executive Officer. This girl loves being the boss. Her amazing organizational skills allows her to keep everyone in sync. You will find Kim strategically planning not only weekly events but all future affairs. She joined Felicia’s Perfect Setting- XO The Girls in 2001 and has worked alongside of her Mother and Sister since then. She enjoys antiquing, horseback riding and spending time with her love and family.
Marcie Falconero
VP of Marketing and Sales
Marcie is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. This girl loves design, fashion and being your best friend in the rental industry. Her amazing relationships in the business, is one thing she values most. She has a degree in Marketing from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. She joined Felicia’s Perfect Setting-XO The Girls in 1999 and has worked alongside of her Mother creating fabulous since then. In her spare time she enjoys shopping, dining out and spending time at home with her family.
Robert Falconero
Chief Operating Officer
Robert is the Chief Operating Officer . This boy is in charge of all accounting matters. He is a Bentley graduate and joined us after retiring from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This boy aka “SuperMan” even has a building named after him. You will always see Robert in the warehouse taking care of business. Robert enjoys reading, history and his fabulous family…the girls!
Mary Falconero
Mary is the founder and owner of XO The Girls. This girl is the foundation of our amazing company. She founded “Felicia’s” in 1999 as a small retail store and has grown the business with her daughters, the girls, to what it is today. You will always see Mary keeping an eye on all matters! In her spare time she enjoys gardening, giving to others and spending time with her family!
Alyssa Martin
Senior Style Executive
Alyssa is our client sales representative. She is your go to girl for fabulous event rentals. If you are a client and would like a one of a kind experience in our showroom give her call. Alyssa been with XO The Girls for 6 years. In her spare time she enjoys Star Wars, cozy days at home and her adorable kitty Ziva!
Peter Brault
Warehouse Supervisor
Peter aka Pete is our warehouse supervisor. He oversees warehouse operations including chairs, equipment, deliveries and our “boys”. Pete has been with XO The Girls for 7 years. In his spare time he enjoys gaming with his son, working on his truck and family time!
Monica Brault
Product Manager
Monica is our product manager. This girl is in charge of everything LINEN and DÉCOR. She manages product distribution and return, missing items and quality control. Monica has been with XO The Girls for 4 year. In her spare time she enjoys time with her family, Astrology and Fae!
Jared O’ Brien
Warehouse Operations
Jared is director of warehouse operations. This guy loves making sure everything is ready to go. You will find him organizing products to make the warehouse run as smooth as possible. He joined Felicia’s Perfect Setting-XO the Girls 7 years ago. He enjoys Chinese food and spending time with his family.
Lynn Beaudry
Warehouse Operations
Carol Rutter
Warehouse Operations
Raymond Bullock
Delivery Crew
Courtney L. Bodendorf
Elizabeth Branagh
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